What To Take Into Account When Looking For House Designs For Sloping Blocks

There is an abundance of dog house designs available for download over the internet. Most of these plans are aimed towards the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast who is looking to save money on a home for their pet. This article outlines the advantages and disadvantages of various duplex, as well as single dog house styles.  สร้างบ้าน

The Duplex Dog House

Building a duplex dog kennel for your pets is a great way to save both time and money. Instead of constructing 2 dog houses, you essentially build only one large kennel with a separating wall in between. Add another entrance at the other side, and hey presto, there you have a DIY duplex dog kennel!

Benefits of constructing this style of kennel are:

– The option of letting your pets sleep together or separately. This is achieved by making the separating wall removable. You may find that your dogs will sleep separately in summer, but together in winter for extra warmth.

– Materials will cost extra, but you may qualify for a bulk discount from your local lumber yard.

– Building this design doesn’t require any additional woodworking skills, just a bit more time.

– Duplex kennels are less common than singles, which adds character to your backyard!

The Single Dog House

Otherwise known as the “Snoopy”, the single kennel is your standard, traditional dog house. These can be made from wood, brick, or sheet metal. Pre-fabricated ones can cost you more than an arm and a leg, so building from scratch will save you an absolute fortune.

Some benefits of single room kennels are:

– Less required materials = less expensive.

– Easier to customize than the duplex, simply because there it is smaller and simpler.

– Doesn’t appear “too large” for small backyards.

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