Home Building – What Every Well Prepared Owner Builder Must Know About Management Systems

Home building is a process. An Owner Builder, to be successful, must implement a process management system that lays out the steps required. And this is true whether it’s a major home building project or a simple remodel.

Home building and remodeling projects follow logical sequences that, while self evident in some cases, can be confusing to people who do not do it for a living. Operating without such a system is a recipe for disaster.

What is a Process Management System?

Simply put, a process management system guides the project manager through the entire building or remodeling project. Take a look at some of the  รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี important phases of home building and the items that a good system will include:

  • Analyzing the land or parcel that the home is to be constructed upon
  • Accessing and understanding the building codes for the area
  • Working with a home designer to create the house plans
  • Deciding on building materials for the home
  • Devising a construction strategy for building the home
  • Identifying the contractors to be used
  • Coordinating the deliveries of building materials
  • Coordinating and managing the efforts of subcontractors
  • Scheduling the inspections by the local authorities
  • Quality Control, trouble shooting and implementing remedies
  • Setting up regular communications channels
  • Loan processing and handling payments to suppliers and contractors
  • Completing the all important punch lists

From this outline, you can see that a thorough framework is needed to keep the project moving forward to completion. Each of the above segments will have numerous sub steps and a good process management system will guide you through them.

Who Can Run the System?

Not all systems are in print. Some builders, although these are a dying breed, fortunately, operated by the seat of their pants. They rely on their experience to get them through each project. Even in this way, they are still utilizing a management system. Process management resources can be found with the following:

General Contractors: A good General Contractor will have a written or online process management system that often includes a communication tool to keep in touch with his clients.


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